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2013 - 2015


The Maserati project conceived by the greatest Italian navigator ever - Giovanni Soldini - lead the Volvo 70 crew, including Andrea, to navigating all the World's oceans. Between ocean races, records, and sponsor events, Andrea completed more than one World tour aboard Maserati.



21 days, 19 hours, 32 minutes, 54 seconds: this is the time it takes Maserati to travel the Tea Route, that is the section from San Francisco to Shanghai. A section crossed in the mid-1800s for commercial purposes by the most adventurous and modern clippers of the time.

An excellent crossing time, which Giovanni Soldini and Maserati ask the World Sailing Speed ​​Record Council to ratify, the international body that certifies the modern boats best travel times on the historic clipper routes.


Maserati crossed the finish line in Shanghai on May 31st at 21.25.44 (23.25.44 Italian time). Departing from San Francisco on the night of May 10th at 1:52:50 GMT (3:52:50 Italian time), they traveled 7392 actual miles (5334 on the orthodromic route) at an average speed of 14.1 knots.


A crew of eight on board with Soldini: the Italians Andrea Fantini, Guido Broggi, Francesco Malingri, and Marco Spertini; the German Boris Herrmann; the Chinese Jianghe “Tiger” Teng; the Spaniard Oliver Herrera Perez; the Swede Andreas Axelsson.


Andrea is in Giovanni Soldini's crew and they face an extreme challenge in the North Atlantic.

At 00:27:29 GMT on October 17, 2014 (02:27:20 Italian time, 20:20:20 local time), Maserati cut the Ambrose Light line in New York Harbor which marked the start of its West-East Atlantic record attempt.

The 2,880-mile ride across the North Atlantic between New York and Lizard Point, at the western end of England, takes it just below Newfoundland as it chases cold fronts.


In addition to skipper Giovanni Soldini, Maserati also has an international crew of nine: the Italians Guido Broggi, Corrado Rossignoli, Andrea Fantini, Michele Sighel and Alberto Sonnino, the German Boris Herrmann, the Chinese Jianghe "Tiger" Teng, the Spanish Oliver Herrera. Perez and Sam Goodchild from England.

"We have decided to abandon the North Atlantic record attempt. Unfortunately, the cold front we were chasing from the start suddenly accelerated, overtook us and we, despite our efforts and commitment, were overwhelmed by an area with little wind. We tried to navigate this northwest for a few hours, but we soon realized we couldn't do it. This is confirmed by all the weather models downloaded and the simulations made.

We are obviously sorry, it did not go as we hoped, but at sea, we are not in charge. But we are all calm because we are aware that we have played to the maximum, without ever sparing ourselves and in any way. These last few miles have been the most exciting, Maserati has surpassed itself and amazed me with its structural reliability and formidable performance. I thank all the crew for their tenacity, desire, and competence. And our partners - Maserati, Bsi, Generali, Zegna, Vodafone, Boero - and the technical suppliers for the wonderful opportunity they have given us, leaving us time and resources to invest in this fantastic undertaking that we believe is within our reach and who knows when, but one day we will try again."
[Giovanni Soldini]


Maserati had left New York on October 17th at 00:27:20 GMT aiming to cover the 2.880 miles to Lizard Point, the extreme western tip of England, in less than 6 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes, and 39 seconds, a record that belongs to the 140-foot maxi yacht Mari Cha IV, and its crew of 24 in 2003.

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