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Establish company culture, connect people outside their business environment, develop relations within employees, boost cooperation, share vision and strengthen bonds.

We organize a massive program of team building for the employees in all the countries where the company is present.

Ocean Sailing is rich in business parallels: you only succeed with teamwork, communication, on-the-spot problem solving, and leadership!

Involve your employees around the project offering them an extraordinary experience: motivational talks, sailing experiences at sea and storytelling sessions.

The skipper, the boat and employees sail together, sharing skills, learnings and working in sync as a team, to make the best choice under ties, adapt quickly to changing situations, manage the unforeseen, build effective communication, strengthen relationships within the colleagues and with key clients.


Deliver meaningful and real experiences for our Sponsor’s shareholders and managers to watch or participate, on board an ocean racing boat sailing at extraordinary speed, during dedicated events or even as a crew during exciting regattas!

Along all the racing calendar we will create exciting events and engaging sailing activities which will:

  • Build a strong emotional bond with customers, corporate clients and employees.

  • Showcase the positive effect that sailing can have on our environment.

  • Show how sailing can contribute to develop as individuals.


In a context of challenge with nature, technology and human adventure.

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