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At the Rorc Caribbean 600, the crew of the Sam Manuard designed Mach40.3, GUIDI FRA 156, led for most of the race. Clouds then decided the winner.

Andrea Fantini, Charles-Louis Mourruau and Mikael Ryking end up in a windless bubble and stalled as the breeze faded approaching the finish line beckoning.

They ended in 2nd place just 61 seconds behind the winner, Finimmo with Kito de Pavant on board, four-time Vendée Globe sailor.

Kito de Pavant admitted with sportsmanship: Charles and Andrea deserved the victory!

After racing for well over three days and nights and ending like this, the true spirit in the Class40 division has been seen through with the Finimmo team going to greet Guidi into English Harbour.


IMyself and Andrea Fantini just did the Transat Jacques Vabre and we had shifty conditions, so we kind of knew what to expect, but we didn’t expect there to be so little wind after Redonda, that was really brutal. Finimmo sailed an amazing race. The boat used to be called Hydra and we were joking that every time they came back at us it was like chopping off one of the heads! I am happy for them because they fought really hard. Although Guidi is a more modern boat, Finimmo is a little narrower with a big code zero, so very quick in the light. We were very unlucky at the end, but that is sailing, isn’t it?

Charles-Louis Mourruau

February 21• 22 • 23,  2022

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